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The Subway Assistant Is Here

June 29, 2021

  Since China's first subway was officially put into operation in Beijing in 1971, the subway has been an indispensable part of urban transportation, effectively solving the problem of excessive crowds caused by obvious agglomeration effects in big cities.

  However, the development of the subway has not been smooth sailing.

  In the early days, there were no barriers between the subway platform area and the track area. Cases of delays in operations or even accidents due to factors such as people falling off the track or jumping off the platform were often reported in the news. As the urban population continues to increase, the subway has the characteristics of large passenger flow, short departure intervals, and short staying time at the station. Without any safety guarantee, a large number of crowded passengers are influx. If the subway platform does not have corresponding measures, Accidents falling into the track will greatly increase, and the piles will be shocking. In order to reduce the chance of such tragedies, in 2002, Guangzhou Metro Line 2 used an advanced screen door system in the subway for the first time. So far, subway screen doors have blossomed everywhere in the subways of major cities. Nowadays, subway screen door systems have almost become one of the standardized projects in subway construction.

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Subway Screen Door

  The subway screen door is a high-tech product integrating materials, machinery, electronics and information science, including top boxes, fixed doors, sliding doors, emergency doors, load-bearing structures and thresholds. Among them, the toughened glass and stainless steel frame of the fixed door, and the toughened glass and stainless steel load-bearing structure of the sliding door are all bonded and sealed with high-performance sealant. Due to its high requirements for safety, subway screen door sealing and bonding often learn from traditional glass curtain wall bonding and sealing methods and adopt high-performance silicone sealant, which helps to ensure the safety of the screen door glue under the condition of toughened glass.

  As China's top adhesive solution provider for bonding and sealing systems, BAIYUN has been deeply involved in the field of transportation equipment for many years, and its adhesive solutions for subway screen door bonding and sealing systems have been well received by customers. This product series is specially designed for the bonding and sealing of subway screen doors and has excellent weather resistance.

  After the artificial accelerated weathering test, the physical and chemical properties of the sealant have not changed significantly. For subway applications, it has a longer service life and can provide effective guarantee for the long-term safety of subway screen doors.

  Thanks to high-quality products and professional full-process services, in recent years, the BAIYUN brand special sealant for subway screen doors has won the bid for Ningbo Metro Line 4, Foshan Metro Line 2, Guangzhou Metro Line 6, Dalian Metro Line 2, etc. Numerous subway line projects have been well received in the application of subway projects in major cities, contributing to the construction of beautiful cities and the better life of the people.