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Silicone sealant for insulation decorative integrated board

January 27, 2021

Silicone sealant for insulation decorative integrated board

From the original wooden and stone houses, to the modern high-rise buildings and whole house heating, people's demand for insulation has never dropped. Especially in the cold regions, heat preservation is not only a guarantee of the quality of life, but also a guarantee of basic survival.

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people‘s living standards, in addition to heating, an auxiliary artifact also uses its "body" to block the severe cold from the outside, while reducing indoor energy consumption, satisfying the need for houses from winter to summer, from heat preservation to heat preservation. Various requirements for heat insulation and energy saving, it is——silicone sealant for thermal insulation board.

The large-scale promotion of integrated thermal insulation panels has gradually developed a variety of decorative properties. Its colorful finishes cover aluminum panels, porcelain panels, AEP panels and other panels, allowing the building to show a variety of styles.

At the same time, the abundance of materials for the finish of the thermal insulation board and the various temperature changes in its application area have also put forward strict requirements on the sealant used for sealing the joints of the thermal insulation board curtain wall.

As a "strength faction" who has been specialized in producing sealants for 36 years, BAIYUN specially launched a special solution for the bonding and sealing of thermal insulation integrated boards.

Almighty compatibility:

Compared with conventional silicone weather-resistant sealant, it not only has excellent weather resistance, but also has excellent bonding performance, and has excellent bonding effect on various insulation integrated board materials.

Perfect adaptability:

SS806 Silicone sealant for insulation decorative integrated board is suitable for the environment of -50° to 150°, which can ensure that it will not be brittle, hardened or cracked at -50°C, and will not be soft or degraded at 150°C. It maintains good elasticity and perfect response to strict conditions. Harsh climate environment.



Reliable movement capacity :

The movement capacity of the special sealant for SS806 insulation board is ±25, which can perfectly cope with the normal expansion and shear deformation of the curtain wall.