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【Meet the Canton Fair】BAIYUN is here to polish Made in China!

April 20, 2023

    On April 15th, the 133rd Canton Fair, the " the biggest Exhibition in China", restarted the offline grand event for five days. The cumulative number of visitors to the Canton Fair Pavilion reached 1.26 million. BAIYUN has brought the latest and top-notch sealing and bonding system solutions in China, embracing the world.


    The online miss of "Long time no see" finally turned into warm greetings of "Finally meet". At BAIYUN's booth, old and new friends who have traveled thousands of miles to Guangzhou embraced and greeted each other warmly. BAIYUN's thoughtful service and careful explanation make every customer feel at home.

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    In addition, after communicating at the exhibition, many customers expressed their intention to visit the factory immediately and discuss the next step of cooperation. During the exhibition, BAIYUN attracted many well-known domestic and foreign architectural designers, real estate developers, construction companies and representatives of trading companies to visit and negotiate with the company. During the communication process, BAIYUN's strong technical strength, profound cultural accumulation and sunny and confident staff style all left a deep impression on the customers. Everyone highly recognized the "lean and perfect" BAIYUN quality and the whole-process service of "professional, focused and dedicated".


    In 2003, BAIYUN began to participate in the Canton Fair, leading the industry to go abroad, and has participated in the exhibition for more than 20 consecutive years. As a national brand, it has stood on the PK stage with international brands for several times. With its ingenious manufacturing and continuous innovation drive, it has won many milestone victories and written the legend of "Made in China" in the sealant industry.


    In the wave of high-quality development, deploying the international market with independent innovation, BAIYUN has applied for 20 PCT international patent applications, and has registered and deployed trademarks in more than 60 overseas countries and regions. At the Canton Fair, BAIYUN took the lead in demonstrating to the world the green and environmentally friendly adhesive sealing technology led by alcohol-based low-modulus sealant. And it will show up with a brand-new home improvement sealing solution to share a healthy life with the world.


    Today, countries in the world are interdependent, and the destiny of mankind is closely linked. The trend of the times of peace, development, cooperation, and win-win has never been so strong. In the changing times, BAIYUN will seek innovation, change and development, continue to expand the "circle of friends", continue to create new high-quality products, hand over a better answer to "Made in China", and spread the seeds of friendship to the world .