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Group standard T/GSI 088-2022

February 20, 2023


Edited by Guangzhou Baiyun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Group standard T/GSI 088-2022 "Rapid detection method for alkane plasticizer in silicone sealant"

officially released and implemented.

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T/GSI 088-2022

"Rapid detection method for alkane plasticizer in silicone sealant"

    With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people have higher requirements for the quality and performance of houses. The energy-saving performance, safety performance, sound insulation and noise reduction, sun protection, comfort and durability of doors, windows and curtain walls are getting more and more attention. An important auxiliary material for bonding, the quality of the sealant has also become more important. Therefore, oil-extended sealants with a large amount of alkane plasticizers are increasingly rejected by the market.

    Generally speaking, the detection of alkane plasticizers requires three types of tests: thermogravimetric analysis test, infrared spectroscopy test analysis or thermal weight loss in professional laboratory equipment, while the thin film test method specified in T/GSI 088-2022 can be simpler, It is convenient and quick to identify the presence or absence of alkane plasticizers in sealants, saving consumers the time of identification and selection, and providing another layer of guarantee for the quality of doors, windows and curtain walls.

    Since its inception, BAIYUN has shouldered the responsibility of being a leader in industry standards, committed to industry norms, health, and sustainable development, actively leading and participating in the formulation and revision of international, national, industry standards, local standards, and group standards. Representing China's sealant industry on the international standardization stage, it has gained a wide range of industry reputation and influence. As early as 1993,         BAIYUN and Henan Building Materials Institute jointly edited my country's first national standard for silicone building sealant - GB/T 14683 "Silicon Building Sealant", which regulates the silicone sealant market and strengthens its quality Management and supervision play a very important role.

    So far, BAIYUN has edited and participated in more than 220 international, domestic and industry standards, covering many fields such as prefabricated buildings, curtain walls, doors and windows, hollow, interior decoration, rail transit, solar photovoltaics, LED lighting, etc. The workhorse of the standardization process.

    At the same time, as the editor-in-chief of T/GSI 088-2022, BAIYUN realized the hazards of alkane plasticizers early on, and issued a safety declaration in the industry, always solemnly promising that every curtain wall, door and window sealant product under the Baiyun brand will never No oil extension, no other inferior fillers that reduce quality are added to ensure consistent product quality.