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Do it well at once, at the lowest cost!

May 27, 2021

Do it well at once, at the lowest cost!

In the past 20 years, Glass curtain walls have gradually emerged in cities. Behind the construction of "high light" in modern cities, safety alarms have also been awakened. Although most of the above-mentioned accidents caused by high-altitude operations are due to bad weather, it is undeniable that similar safety accidents also occur frequently in the secondary maintenance of many building curtain walls.latest company news about Do it well at once, at the lowest cost!  0

For the industry as a whole, there will be more issues that need to be paid attention to. In addition to the initial construction budget investment, the full life cycle management of related regular inspections, repairs and replacements after the installation of the building curtain wall must be taken into consideration. How to reduce the pollution of building curtain walls, improve the service life and safety of building doors and windows and curtain walls, reduce the cost of secondary maintenance while maintaining urban safety?It becomes an urgent problem to be solved in the new situation of the curtain wall industry.

Small material, Big effect. As the main material for the sealing and bonding of building doors and windows and curtain walls, sealant does not occupy a high overall construction cost, but it has a great impact on the safety of doors and windows and curtain walls. Once the sealing failure occurs, it will not only damage the beauty of the building, but also cause problems such as plate falling, but also bring huge maintenance costs to the owner, resulting in property losses and public safety hazards. Among them, oil-extended glue, as the "severe disaster area" where sealant fails, has been criticized by industry professionals and users all year round: due to the large amount of cheap industrial white oil used to replace expensive key main materials, such products are often very It is difficult to achieve the product performance and service life declared in its promotion. After a short period of "beauty", problems such as cracking, water leakage, chalking, and falling off will follow one after another, bringing endless hidden dangers to the industry and the city.

Cracking, Leaking, Degumming

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In high-quality silicone sealants, the cost of silicone base polymer often accounts for more than 75% of the cost of the entire silicone collagen material. Therefore, in order to reduce the cost of sealant, some manufacturers, regardless of product performance, fill a large amount of low-quality mineral oil in order to reduce the content of silicone base polymer. This type of sealant often performs well in the initial stage, but after a period of use, the filled white oil will migrate and diffuse out, which will eventually cause the sealant itself to become hard, crack, and even non-bonding.

Contaminate bonding material

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The pollution of doors, windows and curtain walls can be roughly divided into vertical pollution and seepage pollution. Most of the down-flow pollution is due to the low surface energy of the sealant, which is formed by rain washing after collecting dust, which is not difficult to clean. However, the penetration pollution caused by "oil-extended glue" is completely different from the vertical flow pollution. It cannot be removed by cleaning, which greatly affects the aesthetics of the building. In severe cases, the overall replacement of the curtain wall panels is required, which will bring a very high post-production period to the building. Maintenance costs.

Insulating glass failure

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When the oil-filled silicone weather-resistant sealant is in contact with the insulating glass for a long time, the filled industrial white oil will gradually migrate and penetrate into the insulating glass, causing a sealing butyl rubber of the insulating glass to be dissolved and the phenomenon of oil flow and rainbow will appear, destroying the original insulating glass. Some functions such as energy saving, heat preservation, light transmission and heat insulation.

Along with the ups and downs of the domestic and international situation, market competition continues to intensify, and some brand companies have also begun to shake the bottom line of quality --- for door and window sealants with oil-filled; weather-resistant sealant with oil-filled; hollow sealant with reduced volume All these things are quietly going on in the ever-changing market environment. As everyone knows, because of cutting corners and reducing the quality, the doors, windows and curtain wall projects have buried safety hazards, and also brought higher costs. Countless blood lessons remind every practitioner in the same industry---violating objective economic laws, what they swallow must be the bitter fruit of "cheap but no good goods".

Under such circumstances, how should we seek for quality products?

Choose BAIYUN!

For thirty-six years, BAIYUN has always adhered to the customer-oriented, quality-based, service-oriented, and win-win business philosophy, and has controlled every production link, only to provide users with the best sealant. As a leading enterprise in China's silicone sealant industry, BAIYUN has issued a safety declaration in the industry:

BAIYUN has always solemnly promised that each of its sealant products will never be filled with oil, and will never add other low-quality fillers that reduce the quality, to ensure that the product quality is consistent.

To sum up:

Choosing BAIYUN means choosing high quality. In the face of such violent fluctuations in the prices of bulk raw materials such as glass, aluminum, and organic silicon, it is particularly important to choose an honest company with a stable and high-quality supply chain. The sealing material itself accounts for a very low proportion of the cost of curtain wall materials. Choosing high-quality sealing materials can obtain a longer mission life and better reputation, while reducing rework, repair and maintenance costs.