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BAIYUN helps the development of industry standardization

December 17, 2021

    In the hidden frame and semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall, the silicone structural sealant plays an important role in connecting the panel and the supporting structure. It is very important to the safety of the curtain wall. Therefore, its durability in engineering has attracted much attention.

    In addition to the performance of the material itself, the application processes such as design and construction are also very important factors that affect the durability of silicone structural sealants in engineering. Improper use will cause problems such as poor adhesion and insufficient load bearing capacity. Leading to serious safety issues such as the curtain wall glass falling. In order to further standardize the application process of silicone structural sealants from material selection, design to construction, and maintenance, the China Engineering Construction Standards Association "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Second Batch of Association Standards Development and Revision Plan in 2018" (Building Standards Association [2018] No. 030) China Building Standard Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. is required to take the lead in formulating the “Technical Regulations for the Application of Sealants for Building Curtain Wall Structures” (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) of the China Engineering Construction Standardization Association. The standardization of various links such as quality inspection, promotes the high-quality development of my country's curtain wall industry.

    On December 15, 2021, the China Engineering Construction Standardization Association standard "Technical Regulations for the Application of Sealants for Building Curtain Wall Structures" (Draft for Review) (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") review meeting was held at the Crowne Plaza Huadu Hotel.

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    This conference was hosted by China Building Standard Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., and undertaken by Guangzhou Baiyun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., the second editor-in-chief of the Regulations, and was held online offline. Gu Taichang, Secretary-General of China Engineering Construction Standardization Association Construction and Municipal Engineering Product Application Branch (CECS/TC49), and review experts such as Wang Hongtao, Du Jiyu, Shi Minxiang, Shi Lian, Zeng Xiaowu, Chen Jun, Xu Wuyi, and Zhu Zhiyuan.

    The review expert group listened carefully to the report of the compilation team on the standard preparation work, and conducted a serious review and discussion on the words and sentences of the "Procedures" (drafts for review), the source of data, the determination of indicators, and the adoption of testing methods. Fully affirmed the work of the establishment group, put forward pertinent revision opinions, and agreed that the standard passed the review and reached the international advanced level.

    From the beginning of its establishment, BAIYUN has taken leading the healthy development of the industry as its own responsibility, actively leading and participating in the formulation and revision of domestic and foreign sealants and related standards, and has spoken out on the international standardization stage on behalf of the Chinese sealant industry for many times, and has won a wide range of industries. Reputation and influence.

    In March this year, Zhang Guanqi, Technical Director of BAIYUN, as the convener of the working group, revised the international standard ISO 13638:2021 Building construction-Sealants-Determination of resistance to prolonged exposure to water ("Building structure-Sealants-Determination of long-term exposure to water") Release implementation. This standard is the first ISO sealant standard to be formulated and revised under the leadership of Chinese experts, and is of great significance to enhancing China's right to speak in the formulation of international standards.

    So far, BAIYUN has led or participated in 207 international, domestic, industry and group standards, of which 149 have been completed, including 6 published international standards and 1 international standard under revision, covering prefabricated buildings, Curtain walls, doors and windows, hollow space, interior decoration, rail transit, solar photovoltaic, LED lighting and other fields are the main force to promote the standardization process of the industry. In the future, BAIYUN will join hands with more industry colleagues to continue to move forward on the road of standardization, and create a better future with you.