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220+standards, witnessing the road to becoming an industry leader

June 28, 2023

220+standards, witnessing the road to becoming an industry leader

   As a leading company in the domestic silicone sealant industry, BAIYUN has been committed to the promotion of industry standardization. So far, BAIYUN has participated in the drafting and revision of more than 220 international, national and industry standards, including more than 80 national standards, covering all fields of the sealant industry, and constantly promoting industry upgrading and reshuffle.

In addition, BAIYUN has led the compilation and participated in the formulation and revision of more than 10 ISO international standards, making continuous efforts for China's sealant industry and China's sealant standards to go abroad, deeply participate in international competition, and strive for the right to speak internationally.

Today, let us walk into BAIYUN together and witness the road to becoming a standard leader!


Lay the foundation for industry standardization

   Standards are an important means to promote industrial upgrading, and the first standard is the beginning of industry standardization, which has extraordinary significance.

The standardization of China's silicone sealant industry began in 1994. Before 1994, there was no unified standard for the identification of silicone sealants in the industry, and the market could not correctly select and use silicone sealants for construction, and the quality of sealant products on the market was uneven, resulting in confusion in the use of sealant in the construction industry. Huge hidden dangers have been buried for building safety, and the market urgently needs the emergence of standards for the safety performance inspection and appraisal of silicone sealants.

   In this context, in 1993, proposed by the State Bureau of Building Materials Industry, Henan Building Materials Research and Design Institute, Chengdu Organosilicon Application Research Center of the Ministry of Chemical Industry, and Guangzhou State-owned Baiyun Viscose Factory (predecessor of Baiyun Chemical) actively responded to the call of the state and were responsible for domestic The first national standard for silicone sealants for construction was drafted.

   In 1994, with the assistance of all parties, the first domestic national standard GB/T14683-1993 "Silicon Construction Sealant" for construction silicone sealants was officially implemented, which put forward mandatory standardization requirements for the mixed sealant market at that time. At the same time, it also laid the foundation for a series of subsequent standards.


Lead the world development trend

   After the release of the first standard, the industry was able to get rid of the chaotic start-up state, quickly entered a new stage of development, and began to seek two-way improvement of technical strength and innovation ability on this basis. At the same time, my country is also continuously issuing and implementing new national and industry standards for silicone sealant series, leading the industry to make continuous progress. During this period, as the drafter of the first standard, BAIYUN actively invested various human and material resources to participate in the formulation and revision of industry standards, and gradually became a benchmark enterprise for domestic industry standardization.

Highest - enterprise standard

   BAIYUN has formulated enterprise standards for products that are 1.5 times higher than the national standard, among which the ultra-high performance structural sealant standard is the world leader, and some indicators have been significantly improved compared with European standards and American standards, and are more adaptable to extreme environments. Also more durable. This standard is by far the highest standard for structural sealants in the world.

Highest -- group standard

   Participated in and drafted the world's most advanced silicone structural sealant group standard - "High Performance Silicone Structural Sealant for Building Curtain Wall".

This standard comprehensively improves the tensile adhesion and shear properties of structural sealants, and at the same time increases the testing items of alkane plasticizers, and has stricter requirements on thermal weight loss. Plastics, to eliminate "oil-extended plastic" safety hazards. In addition, the standard has more stringent requirements for low temperature test conditions, which broadens the scope of application of structural sealant products. Generally speaking, building silicone structural sealant products that meet the requirements of this standard will have a longer service life and further improve the safety index of curtain walls.

The highest corporate standard, the highest group standard... BAIYUN has been advancing on the road of industry standardization, taking the first step in developing the industry and leading the industry in the next step. So far, China's silicone sealant standard system has become one of the three major silicone sealant standard systems in China, the United States and Europe. China has also become the world's largest sealant producer, consumer and exporter, and occupies a pivotal position in the international market. status.

   As Chinese products are exported overseas, Chinese companies have gradually gained a firm foothold on the international stage and have more initiative in standard formulation.

   As a vanguard of standardization, BAIYUN is also actively participating in the formulation of international standards: In 2018, BAIYUN hosted the 43rd ISO/TC59/SC8 (Guangzhou, 2018) International Standardization Annual Conference, representing China as an authoritative voice on the world standardization stage, At the same time, it also became the only Chinese sealant company that co-organized the conference.

Since then, BAIYUN has gone further and further on the road of internationalization, not only sending experts to attend the ISO/TC59/SC8 annual meeting every year, but also sending experts to participate in the work of several working groups (WG). At present, including the leading ISO 13638:2021, BAIYUN has participated in the formulation, revision and successful release of 10 ISO international standards.

   BAIYUN's continuous participation in international sealant standards and organizational work, representing China's voice on the stage of sealant international standards, has promoted the combination of my country's sealant standards and international standards, and contributed to the internationalization of Chinese standards, Chinese sealant brands going abroad, Going out to the world has laid a solid foundation.