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SMP581 Silane Modified Polyether Sealant Paintable 590ml For Precast Building

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: BAIYUN
Model Number: SMP581
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000pcs
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 590ml, 20pcs/Carton
Delivery Time: 5-8 Work days
Supply Ability: 160000t/Year
Detail Information
Color: Black/White/Grey/Other Special Color
High Light:

Silane Modified Polyether Sealant


SMP581 Polyether Sealant


Polyether Sealant 590ml

Product Description

SMP581 silane modified polyether sealant a one-component neutral-curing low-modulus sealant product with a joint movement capacity of class 20. The product has good bonding ability to most building materials and plastics such as concrete, stone, glass, aluminum, wood, polycarbonate (PC), etc. It can be widely used in prefabricated buildings, urban integrated pipe corridors, balconies and indoor and other fields of caulking and sealing of joints of internal and external walls of various buildings.
Product Features

  • Environmental product: ultra-low VOC, non-toxic and tasteless, no pollution and no corrosion to the substrate;
  • Good flexibility: low modulus, which can reduce the impact of internal stress caused by seam displacement changes on the durability of the sealant and reduce the risk of debonding and cracking. It has good flexibility and can maintain good bonding and sealing performance under the change of displacement of building joints.
  • Excellent adhesion: excellent adhesion to most building materials and plastics such as concrete, stone, glass, aluminum, wood, polycarbonate (PC);
  • The joint movement capacity is ±20%. For the normal expansion and shear deformation of building joints, this product can maintain the same performance and play an effective sealing and bonding effect;
  • Excellent elasticity, weather resistance and fatigue resistance.
  • Good paintability: the surface is paintable, and with Baiyun adhesion promoter, it can better solve the problem of decorative mortar, real stone paint and other finishing treatment on the glue surface.
  • Good operability: One-component, easy to operate, has good extrudability in the range of 4℃~40℃, and can be applied by extruding with a sealant gun.

Main applications

  • Caulking and sealing of internal and external walls of assembled buildings, urban integrated pipeline corridors and home interiors.
  • Bonding of various building materials, such as concrete, stone, glass, aluminium, wood, etc.
  • Other bonding and sealing applications in the construction field where this product is suitable.

Typical technical parameters

Item Technical specifications Typical value Testing standards
Tack Free Time (min) ≤150 70min GB/T 13477
Curing rate (mm/hr) ≥3 4mm GB/T32369
Hardness (Shore A) 15~35 25 GB/T 531
Tensile strength (MPa) ≥1.2 1.4 GB/T 528
Elongation at break (%) ≥500 750
Joint Movement Capacity (%) ±20 ±20 GB/T 22083
Elastic recovery rate ≥60% 75% GB/T 13477
Tensile modulus,MPa 23℃ ≤0.4 0.28
-20℃ ≤0.6 0.28
Fixed-extension adhesion No damage No damage
Adhesion after immersion in water No damage No damage
Bonding after cold drawing - hot pressing No damage No damage

Usage restrictions

  • Not suitable for use in locations where the operating temperature is permanently above 80°C.
  • Not suitable for use in glass mounting applications.
  • Not suitable for use in densely ventilated areas where the sealant needs to absorb moisture from the air to cure.
  • Not suitable for use in areas subject to continuous water immersion or year-round humidity
  • Not suitable for use on materials that will leach grease, plasticisers or solvents, such as surfaces of oil-impregnated wood.
  • Not suitable for bonding polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).
  • Not suitable for work when the surface temperature of the material is below 4°C or above 40°C.
  • When bonding cement and concrete substrates, the substrate must be completely dry and maintained for 7 days before construction, otherwise the bonding performance will be affected.

Technical Services

  • Complete product technical information is available.
  • Adhesion testing, compatibility testing.

Our laboratory can provide contamination testing for our customers, who can mail (or otherwise) the substrate chosen for their project to us, and our laboratory will carry out the contamination test and issue a written test report
Storage and expiry date
Stored in a cool, dry place below 27°C. The storage period is 12 months from the date of manufacture.
BAIYUN has passed ISO9001/ISO14001/OHSAS18001 management system certification, and produces and controls product quality in strict accordance with the requirements of the ISO9001 quality system.
Our company will issue a sealant quality guarantee after the user has purchased the product and identified the construction unit and the project.
Repairs and maintenance
Generally, no maintenance is required, if the sealant seam is broken, replace the damaged part, simply remove the accumulated dirt with solvent and fill it with this product, Baiyun silane modified polyether sealant can be firmly bonded to the original cured Baiyun silane modified polyether sealant.
Net 590ml flexible film packaging.
White, Black, Grey or any other color requested by the customer.
Steps in use

Before using this product, the operator must read the product safety information carefully.

  • The work surface must be clean, dry and free from dirt.
  • Apply protective tape to both sides of the work surface and use a suitable lining material in the caulking.
  • Cut the spikes to the required size and apply the amount of sealant to provide adequate contact with the sealant sealing surface.
  • Trim and remove the protective tape within 10 minutes of application.
  • Good ventilation should be maintained during the application and curing process.
  • To ensure optimum bonding results, a bonding test should be carried out before the work starts and must be used in conjunction with a primer if necessary. Periodic peel and stick tests should be carried out during the construction process to ensure quality.

Safety instructions
This product is not toxic when fully cured, but contact with eyes should be avoided until cured, if contact is made, flush with plenty of water and seek medical attention; uncured product should be kept away from children.
Conformity to standards
ISO 11600 20LM
GB/T 14683 20LM
JC/T 881 20LM
Note to users: The information contained in this document is based on what we believe to be reliable information. Due to the wide variety of circumstances, it is not possible to know everything and therefore we cannot guarantee the correctness and suitability of our products for certain uses and applications. The user should understand the product in detail and carry out preliminary tests before using it and then decide for themselves the best way to use it.

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