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Customize Volume Epoxy Potting Sealant For Capacitors

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: BAIYUN
Certification: Rosh,UL
Model Number: SEP595-F
Minimum Order Quantity: Cartridge / Sausage Packaging 1000PCS
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Customize
Delivery Time: 7-14days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: Cartridge / Sausage Packaging 1000000PCS/month;
Detail Information
Material: Epoxy Package: Customize
Volume: Customize Color: A :Black Or Gray, B:White Or Buff
High Light:

Customize Volume Epoxy Potting Sealant


Capacitors Epoxy Potting Sealant

Product Description

SEP595-F Epoxy Potting Sealant for Capacitors

Production Introduction
SEP595-F epoxy potting sealant for capacitor is a two-component, medium temperature curing epoxy potting sealant. The cured product has good insulating properties and is widely used in the potting of electronic components.
Main Application
Low viscosity, convenient potting and excellent impregnation performance;
◆ It has excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties and dimensional stability after curing;
◆After curing, the surface is bright and smooth, and the insulation performance is excellent;
◆Green environmental protection, no toxic and harmful substances;
◆Colors can be adjusted as needed


1. The long-term storage of component A will cause sedimentation, please fully stir it before use;
2. The mixing container must be a round barrel with a smooth barrel wall. During the stirring process, the barrel wall should be scraped 2~3 times to ensure uniform mixing;
3. Material B is easy to absorb moisture and carbon dioxide in the air, resulting in crystallization and turbidity. At this time, the product cannot be used.
4. Component A may crystallize at low temperature, which is a normal phenomenon. It can be heated in an oven at 70-80 ℃ before use. The container should be in an open state to avoid expansion and damage to the container.
5. The usable time after mixing A and B is related to the temperature and mixing amount after mixing. The higher the temperature, the greater the mixing amount and the shorter the usable time. Therefore, the mixing temperature and mixing amount are determined according to the on-site operation (the product can be used for 3 hours when mixed with 10 kg in a 10L plastic bucket at
30 °C).


1. Stir component A evenly before use, then measure and mix components A and B in a weight ratio of 100:30 uniformly, pouring within the operable time range after vacuum defoaming;
2. Pour the mixture into the capacitor shell as a primer, then insert the unmoistened capacitor core into the shell, and finally fill the capacitor shell.
3. Place the poured product at a constant temperature of 95°C, and it can be completely cured in 2.5 hours. (Moisture absorption can easily lead to the decline of product performance. Attention should be paid to changes in weather and humidity. Products that have been potted and sealed should be guaranteed to enter the incubator within two hours).

Storage and Transportation:
Store in a cool and dry place, the storage period of A component is 3 months (under 25 ℃), andthe storage period of B component is 12 months(at 25°C). This product is non-dangerous and can be transported as general chemicals.
Because actual situations vary widely, it is impossible for us to know all situations, so wecannot guarantee the correctness and suitability of our products for certain usages and uses.
Users should understand the product in detail before using it, and then decide for themselves the best way to use it.

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