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BAIYUN SEO291 Surface Thin Coating Sealant Eletronics Protecting Sealant with 300ml package easy to use

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China
Model Number: SEO291
Minimum Order Quantity: Metal Tube/Cartridge1000PCS
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 100ml Metal Tube/ 300ml Cartridge
Delivery Time: 7-14days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 1000000PCS/month
Detail Information
Brand Name: BAIYUN Material: 100% RTV Silicone
Package: 100ml Metal Tube/ 300ml Cartridge Function: Eletronics Coating Sealant
Color: Transparent Shelf Life: 9 Months

Product Description



1. Features

  • Single component, low viscosity, transparent and self-leveling, can be diluted with solvents such as toluene;
  • Excellent electrical insulation performance, no discolor after curing;
  • Good water resistance, excellent moisture resistance and waterproof performance;
  • Excellent high and low temperature resistance, the performance does not change much in the range of -50 ° C to +180 ° C, and it is not corrosive to the surface of the circuit board;


2. Main Application

  • Surface coating or thin potting of electrical modules, circuit boards, relays, etc.
  • Sealing applications such as moisture proof and leakage proof coating.
  • Other various adhesive sealing applications.


3. Typical Technical Data

Test Item Test Result
Color One-component transparent fluid
Tack-free time (min) 8
Hardness (HsA) 28
Volume resistivity (Ω.cm) 1.8×1015
Breakdown voltage (KV/mm) ﹥18
Tensile strength MpA 0.52
Ultimate elongation (﹪) 180
Storage period Storage period of nine months at shady, cool and dry places under temperatures between -20 ℃and 27℃

4. Package

  • Metal hose package with net capacity of 100ml


5. Technical Service

  • Provide complete technical data of products;
  • According to customer requirements, the formulation of the product is debugged to meet the customer's requirements for certain special properties of the product:
  • Provide adhesion test for users, appraise adhesion performance of sealant products for industry of the company and material selected by users, and offer the contents such as in test results, recommended surface washing method of products and whether priming or not in writing to users;
  • It is welcome to cooperate with our engineers, communicate and discuss solutions together.

6. Notice

  • This product is non-toxic after it is fully cured, but should avoid contact with eyes and children before curing; keep the ventilation in the working environment.

Note to users: The information published in this article is all that we believe to be reliable. Due to the wide variety of situations, we cannot understand all the situations, so we cannot guarantee the correctness and applicability of our products in certain usages and uses. Users should understand the product in detail before using the product, and then decide the best way to use it.

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