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Worry! why is the sealant you bought so cheap?

November 18, 2021


    As we all know, any product pays attention to what you pay for. As a chemical product used in bonding and sealing of curtain walls, doors and windows, interiors, and industries, the cost of silicone sealants is closely related to product materials, quality, and quality control. Under normal circumstances, most manufacturers will strictly adhere to the bottom line of the enterprise, operate with integrity, and serve the public with high-quality products. However, in the face of the skyrocketing bulk raw material commodity market, some bottom-line companies use inferior raw materials to reduce costs, and even use bad methods such as insufficient packaging and stealing credits in exchange for short-term profits.

    Take sealant as an example. What is behind it, what is it that is eager for quick success and ignoring the bottom line?

sealant cost competition.

Round 1

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BAIYUN non-oil-extended formula and a brand oil-extended formula cost comparison

    It can be seen from the comparison of the cost of sealants that the cost of oil-extended sealants has dropped to about 60% of the cost of non-oil-extended sealants due to the substantial reduction in the content of silicone polymers. So much cheaper, is such an oil-filled sealant really easy to use?

Of course not! Compared with silicone base polymers, white oil has a lower price, but its performance is extremely different. Under normal circumstances, after using inferior oil-extended sealant for a few months to half a year, the filled mineral oil will migrate and permeate out of the sealant, which will eventually cause the sealant itself to become hard, cracked, powdered, oily, and non-sticky. Such series of problems directly bring serious quality problems and even safety hazards to users.

Round 2

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Comparison of cost between BAIYUN high-quality fillers and additives and a certain brand of inferior fillers and additives

    Compared with silicone polymers, the cost ratio of fillers and additives is not high, but as an indispensable catalyst and crosslinking agent for sealants, their quality directly affects whether the sealant can fully react during the production process.

    In order to save costs, some companies replace the original mature formula with inferior fillers and low-purity additives in the sealant formula. Due to insufficient response, such sealants are prone to cracking and chalking. In severe cases, the durability of the sealants will be greatly damaged, the service life will be shortened, and an "untimed bomb" will be planted for building safety.

Round 3

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Comparison of cost between BAIYUN high-quality fillers and additives and a certain brand of inferior fillers and additives

    In the past, white oil was used to replenish the number, but now there are recycled materials such as pyrolysis silicone oil and high-boiling silicone oil making waves.

    As raw materials for secondary recycling, pyrolysis silicone oil and high-boiling silicone oil have many attributes that are no longer suitable for sealant products. However, due to their lower prices, these two types of raw materials have once again become some of the bottom lines of products that are ignored. The cost control choice for companies that only pursue short-term benefits.

    -High-boiling silicone oil is generally made of high-boiling materials obtained by rectification of methylchlorosilane mixed monomers as the main raw material, and then obtained through alcoholysis or hydrolysis. The main component is a mixture of polymethylsiloxanes. Compared with simethicone, a commonly used material in sealants, high-boiling silicone oils have poorer compatibility. When applied to silicone sealants, it is easy to cause chemical analysis, resulting in a decrease in the mechanical properties and bonding properties of silicone sealants.

    -Pyrolysis silicone oil is made from dimethyl cyclosiloxane mixture (DMC) obtained by pyrolysis of waste silicone rubber. Compared with the silicone sealant filled with dimethyl silicone oil made of virgin DMC, the production cost of the silicone sealant filled with pyrolysis silicone oil is lower, but it will also cause the mechanical properties of the sealant to deteriorate, especially its aging performance. It is greatly reduced, leading to a quality accident that endangers the safety of the glass bonding and sealing assembly of the curtain wall, and causing great safety hazards to the curtain wall.

Round 4

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▲Comparison between the production cost of BAIYUN products and the production cost of a certain brand

    Generally speaking, sealant companies mostly use milliliters and milliliters as their purchasing specifications, and the purchaser will purchase according to the consumption budget. However, due to the fact that special measuring instruments are rarely used for measurement, the behavior of insufficient packaging has become a small trick of some manufacturers to "reduce costs". Bits flow into the ocean. Although insufficient packaging may sound innocuous, it is actually a small cost loss for consumers. Especially when applied to certain large-scale projects, it will greatly improve consumers’ Hidden costs.

Round 5

genuine guarantee VS wrong goods

    Obviously, the MS polyether sealant purchased by the order was quietly replaced with low-end silicone door and window sealant...

     The misconduct of the wrong goods, stealing beams and replacing posts has spread among some sealant companies that have lost their bottom line.

To sum up:

    Behind the low price, it is not necessarily the good quality and the safe future, and it must not be greedy for short-term petty profits, which will cause long-term hidden dangers. Once it breaks out, the gains outweigh the losses.

    BAIYUN, always adhering to the corporate mission of dedicating the best products to mankind, provides every consumer with high-quality products at a reasonable price. In the face of such violent fluctuations in the prices of bulk raw materials such as glass, aluminum, and organic silicon, it is particularly important to choose an honest company with a stable and high-quality supply chain. Choosing BAIYUN means choosing high quality. The sealing material itself accounts for a very low proportion of the cost of curtain wall materials. Choosing high-quality sealing materials can obtain a longer mission life and better reputation, while reducing rework, repair and maintenance costs.

BAIYUN will protect your safety!