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Which is better for environmental protection

November 30, 2021

    In this era, the quality of life has become the pursuit of people, and green environmental protection is paid more attention to by consumers——

Floor? Formaldehyde free;

Doors and windows? It should be of high quality;

Paint? Want odorless

    People have higher and higher requirements for the high-quality development of buildings, and the requirements for the safety and reliability of building curtain wall doors and windows are also increasingly strict. As an indispensable part of doors and windows curtain walls, sealant plays an important role in "small materials play a big role", especially in the fields of doors, windows, curtain walls and interior decoration, The quality of sealant is directly related to people's life quality. With the improvement of economic level, people's requirements for sealant are no longer limited to simple bonding and sealing effect, but also require that the sealant has good environmental protection performance.

    So, what is the green environmental protection high quality sealant? First of all, let's take a look at the interpretation of authoritative standards from the state——



Interpretation of standards

    In 2014, the national mandatory standard GB 30982-2014 "limits of harmful substances in building adhesives" was officially implemented, which put forward detailed requirements for the limits of harmful substances of solvent based, water-based and this type of building adhesives. According to the standard GB 30982-2014 limits of harmful substances in building adhesives, silicone sealant belongs to this type of adhesive, This kind of adhesive requires higher than solvent based and water-based sealant, environmental protection is also stronger. The limit values of harmful substances are shown in the table below:

Table 1 Limit value of harmful substances in building adhesives of this type in GB 30982-2014

project index
Organosilicon (including MS)
Total volatile organic compounds / (g / kg) ≤100

But, just look at this one index, can you explain what is green sealant? Of course not.

At present, neutral silicone sealant on the market can be divided into dealcohol sealant and deacetoxime sealant according to the release of small molecules during curing. Alcohol type sealant, the release of small molecules during curing is generally methanol, ethanol (commonly known as alcohol) and other small molecules, while ketoxime sealant, the release of small molecules during curing is generally small molecules of ketoxime such as butanone oxime.

From the standard requirements, both belong to organosilicon, and the requirements of "total volatile organic compounds" are the same. So, is there any difference in the effect of releasing different small molecules on environmental organisms? Next, let's make a comparison through experiments——




Testing of plant toxicity

    Experimental design through the two kinds of sealants in the closed environment on the same plant growth degree, through the biological toxicity to compare the difference of environmental protection between alcohol type and ketoxime type sealant.


Prepare two groups of potted plants of the same type with two plants in each group, as shown in the figure below;
latest company news about Which is better for environmental protection  0

latest company news about Which is better for environmental protection  1

Two groups of potted plants


The samples of alcohol sealant and ketoxime sealant were made respectively;

latest company news about Which is better for environmental protection  2

Just made sealant sample


Put the sealant sample block and potted plant into the transparent glass tank in turn, and cover the glass plate to form a closed space for observation;

latest company news about Which is better for environmental protection  3

Potted plant maintenance environment


Check the condition of curing for a period of time, and record the changes of plants after 4 days of maintenance and 10 days of maintenance, as shown in Fig. 5 and Fig. 6 respectively

latest company news about Which is better for environmental protection  4

4 days of potted plant maintenance

latest company news about Which is better for environmental protection  5


10 days of potted plant maintenance


    Experimental conclusion: it is clear that butanone oxime released during the curing process of ketoxime sealant has obvious toxic effect on plants;The small alcohol molecules released during the curing process of alcohol sealant had no adverse effect on plant growth.From this we can draw a conclusion——

Alcohol based adhesives are more environmentally friendly


    It is obvious that ketoximes are more harmful to human body than alcohols. However, ketoximes are considered to have potential carcinogenic risks in Europe and the United States: a substance evaluation of butanone oxime by the Federal Institute for occupational safety and health in Germany shows that the carcinogenicity of butanone oxime to animals is fully verified by rats inhaled with butanone oxime,It was confirmed that butanone oxime was associated with the rapid growth rate of benign or malignant tumors.




The founder of alcohol sealant in China

    As the founder of silicone sealant industry in China, Bayun has been committed to the innovative research and development and performance improvement of various sealants.In 1992, Baiyun Chemical Co., Ltd. was transferred to the small test technology of silicone sealant from China Chenguang Research Institute. In the same year, Baiyun launched the first silicone sealant in China and the first alcohol sealant ss601 in China, which laid the foundation for the development of domestic alcohol sealant technology,For the latecomers to light a new light to green health.


    At present, only in the field of building sealant, Baiyun alcohol sealant products have covered curtain walls, doors and windows and other fields, forming a solution of alcohol type sealing and bonding system in many fields, such as weather resistant sealant, door and window sealant, civil sealant, etc., including various functions of bonding, sealing, and caulking.More healthy, more environmental protection, more green, protect every corner of the city,Quality is achieved by details, and life is built by quality.For users, learning to choose the real green sealant products is responsible for their own lives.Baiyun, empowering beauty.