This national standard edited by BAIYUN was officially released!

July 28, 2022

    On July 11, 2022, the national standard "GB/T 13477.21 Experimental Methods for Building Sealing Materials Part 21: Determination of Color Change after Artificially Accelerated Weathering" edited by Guangzhou BAIYUN Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was officially announced.

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    "Test methods for building sealing materials - Part 21: Determination of color change after artificially accelerated weathering"

    In order to achieve the design effect of buildings, architects have more and more demand for colored sealants, but there are many kinds of colorants used in colored sealants, and the color of some sealants will age with the weather (ultraviolet, heat, moisture, etc.) Fading and discoloration will not only cause huge material and labor losses, but also adversely affect the use of the construction project, the final delivery time and the reputation of the construction unit.

    This standard unifies the method for determining the color change of sealants under accelerated conditions, allowing owners to detect the risk of fading or discoloration of sealants in advance. Unify the detection method for the color stability of sealants, providing a reliable basis for architects to select sealants and evaluate the color stability of sealants; at the same time, it provides guidance for the product development of sealant manufacturers, and provides products for sealant color filler suppliers. Development provides guidance.

    As a leading enterprise in the domestic silicone sealant industry, BAIYUN has been committed to the promotion of industry standardization. So far, BAIYUN has participated in the drafting and revision of more than 220 international, national and industry standards, including 80 national standards, covering all fields of the sealant industry, and is the vanguard of industry standardization. The successful release of "GB/T 13477.21" is another important measure of BAIYUN's contribution to the standardization of the sealant industry. It will also bring more effective standardization guarantees to the sealant industry and better promote the high-quality development of the industry.


Standards-driven to lead the industry's progress

Why so much emphasis on standardization?

    From the long history of industrial development, standards are the technical support for economic activities and social development, and an important means to drive industrial upgrading.

Taking the silicone sealant industry as an example, in 1994, the first domestic standard GB/T14683-1993 "Silicon The official implementation of "Building Sealant" put forward mandatory standardization requirements for the mixed sealant market at that time, and also laid the foundation for a series of subsequent standards. The industry can get rid of the chaotic start-up state and quickly enter a new stage of development. On this basis, it begins to seek a two-way improvement of technical strength and innovation ability, and promotes the steady progress of the industry with healthy competition.

    Today, China's silicone sealant industry has grown into one of the prides of Chinese manufacturing. Its products can not only compete with mature foreign sealant products on the same stage, but also sell well at home and abroad, serving as a large number of urban landmarks and even national landmarks. Provide quality solutions.


Leading the way in standards and promoting the high-quality development of the industry

    Entering a new era, high-quality development has become the only way for my country's economic and social transformation and upgrading. The arrival of the silicon-based era also means that China's silicone sealant industry, as an important part of the national strategic emerging industry and it must shoulder a higher mission: it is imperative to promote the high-quality development of the industry with standardization and promote the upgrading of the industrial structure.