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The sealant industry, at the most dangerous time...

July 30, 2021

The sealant industry, at the most dangerous time...

    Since 2020, In response to the epidemic, many countries have introduced various stimulus policies to support economic development. Due to the over-issue of the US dollar currency, Inflation has intensified and spread radiation to the world, leading to an overall surge in global commodity prices, including organic silicon raw materials. In the first half of 2021 alone, Organic silicon raw materials rose by 50%. The price not only surpassed the peak season of last year, but also approached the highest record in history once again.

    Under the huge cost pressure, the most dangerous thing is not price increases, but some companies, in exchange for short-term self-interest, sacrifice quality to "reducing costs and increasing efficiency" behavior is still common. some behavior that originally appeared only in low-end civilian rubber manufacturers and the civilian rubber market have spread to the field of curtain walls, doors and windows involving construction safety, and large sealant manufacturers——

use cracked feed

use high boiling material

oil-filled sealant

reduce the content of 107 sealant

use poor quality fillers

lack of weight


    Take the price of raw materials as an example. According to a recent report by a media platform in an industry, the price gap between high-quality raw materials and cracked materials is obvious.

    According to professionals from some raw material manufacturers, if cracking materials or high-boiling silicone oil are used as raw materials, the cost of production formulations will be greatly reduced.

    Many such "black-box operations" may be just adjustments to business strategies for companies, but behind the low price is not necessarily good quality. Low-quality and low-priced products bring more sealant cracking, water leakage, and bonding. The frequent occurrence of many problems, such as failures and sealing failures of insulating glass, and the uncertainty of the outbreak of many long-term hidden dangers in the future.

The sealant industry, at the most dangerous time...

    With the endless stream of price increases, some sealant companies have always adhered to the bottom line of ethics and quality, but some manufacturers have chosen to pursue immediate benefits and eagerly produce low-quality products with the symbol of "cost-effectiveness". " Gradually confusing the minds of users, leading to a large number of low-quality sealant products in the current building curtain wall doors and windows market, and safety hazards can be seen everywhere.

The original intention is easy to get, but it is always difficult to keep. To achieve the high-quality development of the building door, window and curtain wall industry, it takes generations of people to work hard. Especially in the building door, window and curtain wall industry, the selection of high-quality products has become a rigid demand for urban safety construction.

BAIYUN will work together to build a high-quality "ecological supply chain" taking safety as the foundation, forging ahead, has applied for more than 330 patents so far, edited or participated in the compilation of more than 190 international, domestic and industry standards; with innovation as the source, it has repeatedly broken through the industry’s barriers to solve China’s strategic new materials and make good products with real materials, pay attention to user value, be responsible for products and consumers, inject new impetus into the rapid and healthy development of your business, and empower your beauty.

▪ Create a 50-year durability test first

since 1996, BAIYUN has successively established 50-year limit test observation points in Guangdong, Xinjiang, Florida, Arizona and other places, covering various test environments such as high temperature, high humidity, and drought, and regular sampling and testing to obtain real conditions.

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▪ The industry takes the lead in introducing 10 major management systems and various product certifications

Adhering to the "lean and perfect" quality concept, BAIYUN has been actively introducing various management systems and product certifications. Now, BAIYUN has 10 major management systems including ISO, QC, recent years, BAIYUN has obtained China Green Product Certification, AS9100D Aerospace Quality Management System Certification, etc., covering all aspects from quality management to environmental protection.

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▪ 58-process inspection and control

Every piece of BAIYUN brand sealant needs to go through 58 procedures of strict inspection from raw material warehousing, discharging, sub-assembly, and finished product delivery. The production line is monitored for 24 hours, which is the first to realize the key to the quality control of each product from the source to the end. Point monitoring, analysis, control and prevention ensure that the sealant products that reach customers have excellent performance.

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▪ BAIYUN whole-process service

From return visits to existing curtain walls to engineering application guidance, from extreme weather project response to technical exchanges and skills training, BAIYUN’s first "full-process service" system has effectively penetrated all aspects of consumer use, providing "moisturizing materials" for all links in the industry chain. High-quality service helps customers make good use of good products and gives customers the most solid technical backing.

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