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The national standard edited by BAIYUN is officially released and implemented!

December 16, 2022

  The national standard edited by Guangzhou Baiyun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

GB/T 41753-2022 "Test method for durability of sealant artificial weathering pull-down compression cycle"

Official release and implementation!

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GB/T 41753-2022

  "Test method for artificial weathering pull-down compression cycle durability of sealants"

The durability of the sealant is an important index to investigate whether the sealant can maintain its bonding and sealing performance and body performance for a long time during use. In actual use, many factors such as light, heat, humidity, force, deformation, etc. will affect the durability of the sealant, especially in outdoor scenarios, such as the sealing of the frame of photovoltaic modules, the seams of various outdoor lighting fixtures Sealants, window seals for automobiles and trains, seam sealants for high-speed rail ballastless tracks, seam seals for airport runways, etc. In order to more scientifically characterize the durability of sealants and standardize the evaluation of the performance changes of sealants under artificial aging conditions after being subjected to tensile and compression cyclic stresses, Baiyun Chemical took the lead in formulating a national standard - GB/T 41753-2022 "Artificial Weathering Pull-Down Compression Cycle Durability Test Method for Sealant".

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  The standard has recently been released for implementation. The popularization and application of this standard will enable users to better evaluate the durability of sealants used outdoors, which has important guiding significance for the selection of sealants, and will help sealant manufacturers to develop and produce sealant products with better durability. Thereby reducing the losses and adverse consequences caused by premature aging of sealants in various industries.

  From the beginning of its establishment, BAIYUN has taken leading the healthy development of the industry as its own responsibility, actively leading and participating in the formulation and revision of sealants and related standards at home and abroad, representing China's sealant industry on the international standardization stage for many times, and has won a wide range of industries. reputation and influence. The release of this national standard is another milestone for BAIYUN on the road to standardization.

  So far, BAIYUN has led or participated in more than 220 international, domestic, industry and group standards, covering many fields such as prefabricated buildings, curtain walls, doors and windows, hollow spaces, interior decoration, rail transit, solar photovoltaics, LED lighting, etc. The workhorse of the process. In the future, BAIYUN will join hands with more industry colleagues to forge ahead on the road of standardization and create a better future with you.