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The application of adhesives in the field of woodworking

May 30, 2024

    In the world of woodworking, wood can be joined in a variety of ways, such as the classic mortise and tenon joint, or nail joints, screw connections, etc. Each of these traditional joining methods has its merits, but in today's quest for higher quality and appearance, the application of adhesives is particularly important. Adhesives can enhance the bond strength between boards, and improve the decoration, durability, stability and safety of wood products; At the same time, it has a certain sealing effect, which can prevent the invasion of external factors such as moisture and dust, and is widely used in the field of woodworking.

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Polyurethane hot-melt edge banding adhesive

It is mainly used for edge banding of veneer materials of boards, and has good bonding performance for PVC, ABS, veneer and other veneer materials on solid wood boards, sealing boards, multi-layer boards, planed boards and other substrates, and is suitable for medium and large automatic linear edge banding machines, with strong initial adhesion and high final strength.

Polyurethane hot-melt flat adhesive

It is mainly used for the flat lamination process, and is suitable for the PUR hot melt flat laminating machine, which has the characteristics of high transparency, good highlight effect, high material output, strong initial adhesion and high final strength.

Polyurethane hot-melt coating adhesive

It can be applied to wood plastic, stone plastic, plastic steel, bamboo and wood fiber and other substrates to bond PVC film, etc., with excellent bonding strength, temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and aging resistance, good fluidity, high initial adhesion strength, good wettability to difficult to bond substrates, etc.

    From edge banding, flat lamination to wrapping, adhesives show great potential and unlimited possibilities in the woodworking field with their unique adhesion and stability. Through continuous technological innovation and material research and development, the application prospect of adhesives in the woodworking field will be broader, injecting new vitality into the woodworking industry.