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Photovoltaic Sealant

May 14, 2021

Photovoltaic Sealant

    In the past year, the entire photovoltaic industry chain, from upstream polysilicon and silicon wafers, to midstream photovoltaic glass and solar cells, to downstream inverters and modules, has achieved leapfrog development.

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    Why does this phenomenon occur? It turns out that China’s photovoltaic industry has firmly occupied three “world firsts”: As early as 2017, my country’s photovoltaic industry accounted for more than 70% of the world’s share, and its scale and production capacity were the largest in the world; in addition, China’s photovoltaic power generation installed capacity was the world’s largest. Since 2013, China's annual new photovoltaic installed capacity has ranked first in the world for five consecutive years, and in 2017, it exceeded 50% of the world's new installed capacity.

    From the perspective of the industrial chain, China is a well-deserved global leader. In 2019, China Silicon Materials, silicon wafers, solar cells, and modules accounted for 67%, 98%, and 77% of global output, respectively.

    Different from the last round of global expansion of China's photovoltaic industry, today's photovoltaic market is not only concerned with price, but also with product quality and efficiency. technological innovation has become the core competitiveness that promotes the

    As an indispensable bonding and sealing material for its development, the sealant must have excellent structural adhesion to various component materials such as special aluminum, tempered glass, TPT/TPE composite backing material, and junction box PPO. The design service life of solar photovoltaic systems is generally more than 20 years. Therefore, good corrosion resistance, weathering resistance, high and low temperature resistance are also one of the indicators to measure the sealant for photovoltaic modules.

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   As a leader in the sealant industry, BAIYUN follows the development direction of the photovoltaic industry as always, and continues to provide photovoltaic companies with new product development including photovoltaic module frame bonding, junction box bonding and potting, inverter potting, and double glass Supporting sealant solutions such as module support structure bonding, photoelectric curtain wall structure bonding and sealing, etc., contribute to the development of the country's photovoltaic industry with continuous innovation of product technology and professional full-process services.

    In 2020, BAIYUN launched a new generation of adhesives for the photovoltaic industry chain sealing system, with perfect performance, reliability and permanent, green and environmental protection. The products have been successfully applied to many photovoltaic power generation projects at home and abroad.

    In the future, BAIYUN will also participate more deeply and extensively in the construction of the photovoltaic industry, leaving a low-carbon footprint on the road to my country's green energy transformation, and building a beautiful world together.