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Meet in 2021

January 15, 2021

Meet in 2021

Today in the last year, countless people set a "Flag" in hope:

Goals are big and small, but the sincerity and expectation are not superior.

In a blink of an eye, 2020 is about to pass away.

Has your "Flag" been completed this year?

we are in the same boat and help each other

2020 is a year of ever-changing changes, and an outstanding epidemic has brought a huge test to the whole of China.But fortunately, in 2020, there will be you, me, and unyielding people who love each other and do their best.

At this difficult time, BAIYUN is working with thousands of Chinese to overcome the difficulties together.

Emergency prevention and control-In January, BAIYUN immediately established a new coronavirus epidemic emergency working group to carry out systematic prevention and control deployment in all directions;latest company news about Meet in 2021  0

latest company news about Meet in 2021  1

Rushing to the front line-In February, BAIYUN rushed to the "Xiaotangshan" hospitals in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Nanchang;

Donation-BAIYUN donated 700,000 yuan of special funds for epidemic prevention and control to the charity association of BAIYUN District, Guangzhou.

Innovation as the source

Innovation is the driving force behind BAIYUN to maintain high-quality development.Only with strength online can we move forward. In 2020, BAIYUN will continue to drive on the fast lane of innovation and development.

In 2020, BAIYUN applied for 35 patents. So far, BAIYUN has applied for a total of 332 patents, accounting for nearly 60% of the cumulative number of invention patents;

There are a total of 11 standards that have participated in the formulation or formulation. So far, the number of standards edited or participated in as many as 187.

Ingenuity, quality and achievement

Born to be creative, good at construction, to make fine products with the spirit of craftsman, we have been running forward.In 2020, BAIYUN will present countless beautiful works for many cities with original intention and ingenuity.

latest company news about Meet in 2021  2

The largest high-speed railway station in Asia-Xiongan High-speed Railway Station;

The third largest single terminal in the country-Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport Phase III project;

The fourth largest terminal in Yunnan-the new terminal of Baoshan Airport;

The country's largest prefabricated affordable housing project-Shenzhen Changzhen talent affordable housing;

The country's highest prefabricated project-Zhuhai Guowei Central Plaza;


Hangzhou Binjiang Skyline-Hangzhou World Trade Wisdom Gate (273 meters);

Jinan's second tallest building-Jinan Ping An Financial Center (360 meters);

Shenyang Baoneng World Financial Center Project T2 (308 meters);

The third tallest building in Changsha-Changsha Shimao World Financial Center (343 meters);

latest company news about Meet in 2021  3

The tallest building in Fuzhou-Fuzhou ICC Thanglong Global Center (280 meters);

The tallest building on the riverside in Hankou, Wuhan-Wuhan Yangtze River Shipping Center (336 meters);


The One Belt One Road link across China and Laos-Yumo Railway;

to escort the pavement caulking-Xinjiang Korla Airport, Xinjiang Xinyuan Nalati Airport, Tibet Qamdo Bangda Airport, etc.;

aid to build Bangladesh-China Friendship Exhibition Center in Bangladesh;

Urumqi Olympic Sports Center;

Hilton Halong Hotel, Vietnam;

Vincom era city in Hanoi, Vietnam;

latest company news about Meet in 2021  4


BAIYUN continues to deepen and improve its product line. It helps the rapid development of the national strategic emerging industrial chain in the fields of prefabricated buildings, interiors, silicone rubber seals, power batteries, home appliances, power supplies, lighting, photovoltaics, rail transit and other systems. And maintain good strategic cooperation with many leading companies in the industry.In the ever-changing market environment, BAIYUN has joined hands with many colleagues in the industry to build a high-quality supply chain, and use practical actions to become your first choice.

Living up to the glory and blooming

Glory comes from unremitting struggle, and comes from the original intention of always sticking to it.In 2020, BAIYUN has won full coverage of brand, product, social responsibility and other honors with its excellent strength.

The 4th Jinxuan Award for Building Doors, Windows and Curtain Walls-BAIYUN won multiple awards such as the TOP list of influential brands in the industry, technological research and development innovative products, and social responsibility contribution enterprises;

The 15th AL-Survey door, window and curtain wall industry large-scale reader survey activity-"Top Ten Brands of Construction Adhesive" ranked first;

Research Report on Strategic Integrity Suppliers of China's Real Estate Industry Chain in 2020"-ranked first in both the annual integrity suppliers of construction sealants and the annual integrity suppliers of fabricated construction sealants;

Golden Mansion Award-2020 China's Top 100 Real Estate Strategic Procurement Top Ten Brands;

Advanced group in the construction waterproofing industry to support the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic;

TOP50 LED industry materials in 2020;


Glory adds to the body, urges the motivation to move forward, does not change the original intention, and becomes a better self.In 2021, we look forward to your continued excitement with BAIYUN!

Responsibility as the soul

Bravely assume responsibility, create value, and share results. Over the years, BAIYUN has been responsible for the sustainable development of safety, green and health, and promoted the technological progress of the industry.

100 special events such as technical exchanges and sealant construction skills training. During the special period of the epidemic, various online exchanges such as BAIYUN online lecture hall and cloud classroom were opened in time, covering many countries and occasions such as China, the Philippines, Vietnam, etc.) latest company news about Meet in 2021  5

The 9th China Building Curtain Wall Safety Application Summit Forum was grandly held

The world's first 50-year durability test is going on as usual, and the 2020 working meeting of the project team was successfully held;latest company news about Meet in 2021  6

BAIYUN Online" is still by your side, professional, dedicated and attentive online service support, popularize professional knowledge of sealants, and lead the healthy development of the industry;

Focus on the post-epidemic era and hold various seminars to discuss how to deal with opportunities and challenges in the post-epidemic era;

As always, attach importance to the development of public welfare undertakings and carry out public welfare activities such as "Lovely warm children's stars, light up loneliness" to convey positive social energy;

In 2020, BAIYUN will serve the whole process, and the mission will be reached within 24 hours;


2021, break through the waves!

2021, waiting for you...

In 2021, BAIYUN will meet you hand in hand