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Let the Chinese standard become the world standard!

October 21, 2022

    From September 28th to 30th, 2022, the 47th annual meeting of the Sealant Sub-Committee (ISO/TC59/SC8) of the International Organization for Standardization Construction and Civil Engineering Standardization Technical Committee (ISO/TC59/SC8) was successfully held. The conference was held online and offline, and the offline venue was in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, USA. Nearly 30 representatives from China, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Belgium, the Netherlands, Japan and South Korea attended the meeting. Zhang Guanqi, technical director of Baiyun Chemical, Zeng Rong, deputy manager of the technical department, and Pang Dacheng, technical service engineer, attended

the annual meeting.

    During the meeting, Director Zhang Guanqi delivered two keynote speeches on behalf of Chinese experts.

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    The International Organization for Standardization is the world's largest non-governmental specialized organization for standardization, with several technical committees under it. ISO/TC59/SC8 is the technical committee of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on construction sealants. It currently manages 35 valid standards, including the following Set up 3 working groups, namely:

WG5 High Displacement Capability Determination Working Group

WG6 Durability Determination Working Group

WG22 Curing Properties Working Group

    At the meeting, the convenors of each working group and thematic group respectively introduced the work progress made since the annual meeting last year. In the discussion of the WG5 working group on adding 35 and 50 displacement capacity levels to ISO 11600 "Classification and Requirements for Construction Sealants", Zhang Guanqi, technical director of Baiyun Chemical, introduced the high-level sealants of 4 Chinese companies on behalf of the Chinese delegation. Validation tests performed. In the subsequent ISO/TC59/SC8 standard committee meeting, Director Zhang introduced a new standard project proposal on behalf of China - "Construction and Civil Engineering Sealants - Determination of Color Stability after Laboratory Accelerated Aging".

    The significance of this standard proposal is to establish a test method for evaluating the color stability of sealants, to minimize the possible discoloration of white, gray, colored and transparent sealants after they are officially put into use. The resulting material loss and delays in the construction period and other issues.

    The standard proposal comes from the Chinese national standard GB/T 13477.21 "Determination of the Color Stability of Sealants", which was formulated by BAIYUN and officially released in 2022. This proposal not only provides scientific and effective methods for testing the color stability of sealants It is another attempt by BAIYUN to implement my country's strategic guiding ideology on the internationalization of standards and transform my country's standards into international standards. In the end, the proposal was widely recognized by experts from various countries. The Bidding Committee decided to reactivate the WG10 Appearance and Aesthetics Working Group, with Zhang Guanqi as the convener of the working group to promote the formulation of the standard.

    Standardization work is crucial to the high-quality development of my country's economy. As a leading company in China's sealant industry, BAIYUN shoulders the responsibility of leading the industry standard, spares no effort to participate in the formulation and revision of various domestic and foreign sealant-related standards, and is committed to industry norms, healthy and sustainable development——

    So far, BAIYUN has participated in the drafting and revision of more than 220 international, national and industry standards;

    Baiyun Chemical Co., Ltd. sends experts to attend the ISO/TC59/SC8 annual meeting every year, and also sends experts to participate in the work of several working groups (WG), including the leading ISO 13638:2021. The ISO standards that have participated in the revision and have been successfully released have reached 10 items;

    In 2018, BAIYUN hosted the 43rd ISO/TC59/SC8 (Guangzhou, 2018) International Standardization Annual Conference, representing China in the world standardization formulation stage, and became the only Chinese sealant company that co-organized the conference;

    As an important participant and maker of the international quality comparison research project for structural sealants, Baiyun Chemical led the completion of the world's most advanced group standard for silicone structural sealants - "High-performance Silicone Structural Sealants for Building Curtain Walls".


    BAIYUN's continuous participation in international sealant standards and organizations, representing China's voice on the international standard sealant stage, has promoted the combination of my country's sealant standards and international standards, and has contributed to the internationalization of Chinese standards and the development of Chinese sealant brands. The world has laid a solid foundation.