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let the Chinese standard become the world standard!

February 23, 2021

let the Chinese standard become the world standard!

From October 27th to 28th, 2020, the 45th Annual Meeting of the Sealant Subcommittee (ISO/TC59/SC8) of the International Standardization Organization Construction and Civil Engineering Standardization Technical Committee (ISO/TC59/SC8) was successfully held online, from China, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France Nearly 30 representatives from various countries including the United States, Belgium, the Netherlands, Japan and South Korea attended the meeting.Zhang Guanqi, Technical Director of Baiyun Chemical Industry, and Zeng Rong, Deputy Manager of the Technical Department, attended the annual meeting.During the period, Director Zhang Guanqi delivered a keynote speech as the convener of the WG7 working group, proclaiming the new ecology of China's standardization development to the world.


The International Organization for Standardization (International Organization for Standardization) is abbreviated as ISO. It is the world's largest non-governmental organization for standardization. It has multiple technical committees. The main responsibility of ISO/TC59/SC8 is to manage the standardization of sealants for construction and civil engineering. Technical work, currently manages 30 effective standards, consists of 8 working groups and 2 subject groups, namely:

WG6 Durability Determination Working Group

Working group for the determination of long-term water immersion resistance of WG7 sealant

WG12 Terminology Working Group

WG20 Peeling Adhesion Working Group

WG21 Sanitary Sealant Test Method Working Group

WG22 curing characteristics working group

WG23 self-leveling sealant working group

WG24 sealant bonding-cohesive performance working group

Thematic group on dust absorption of AHG13 sealant and coated sealant

Thematic group on peeling adhesion of AHG15 thick coating and sealant

At the meeting, the conveners of the working groups and thematic groups respectively introduced the work progress made since the annual meeting last year.after a year of hard work, all working groups and task groups have made new progress.Building construction - Sealants - Determination of resistance to prolonged exposure to water Among them, the WG7 working group headed by Zhang Guanqi, technical director of Baiyun Chemical, mainly focused on the standard ISO 13638:1996 Building construction-Sealants-Determination of resistance to prolonged exposure to water ("Building Structure-Sealants-Determination of Long-term Water Soaking Performance") Revised.During the meeting, Director Zhang Guanqi introduced the voting status of the draft of the standard, and discussed the results of the feedback on the draft with experts from the participating countries.

As a leading company in China's sealant industry, Baiyun Chemical regards product quality as the lifeline for sustainable development of the company, shoulders the responsibility of being a leader in industry standards, and is committed to industry standards, healthy and sustainable development.

·So far, Baiyun Chemical has participated in the drafting and revision of more than 180 international, national and industry standards;

·Baiyun Chemical Industry sends experts to attend the ISO/TC59/SC8 annual meeting every year, and also sends experts to participate in the work of multiple working groups (WG). In 2018, it undertook the 43rd ISO/TC59/SC8 (2018 Guangzhou) International Standardization Annual meeting, representing China in the world standardization arena to speak up;

·As an important participant and setter of the international quality comparison research project for structural sealants, Baiyun Chemical led the completion of the world's most advanced group standard for silicone structural sealants-"High-performance silicone structural sealants for building curtain walls".

Stick to the original intention and let the Chinese standard become the world standard!BAIYUN’s continuous participation in international sealant standards and organizations, and its voice on behalf of China on the stage of sealant international standards, has promoted the integration of my country's sealant standards and international standards, and has contributed to the internationalization of Chinese standards and the internationalization of Chinese sealant brands.