Is the global economy facing a major crisis? In the silicon-based era, who will lead?

October 26, 2021

What is the current situation of the global economy and manufacturing industry?

Half is “sea ”and another is flame.

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    The downstream of the industry lacks money, cores, and consumption; upstream lacks coal, electricity, and various raw materials...

    what's more serious is that the US dollar has begun to impact the global economy, coal prices hit a record high; oil prices may reach 100 US dollars per barrel; natural gas prices soar all the way, and Europe is about to experience the coldest and most expensive winter...

    As a result, some people predict that the global economic crisis and large-scale inflation will hit all-out soon...

    At this moment, China's "30·60" dual-carbon target has been set! This is a ruin of China's technological upgrading, a calmness from the beginning to the end of the industry, and a script swap in the game of great powers. The dual-carbon goal not only presses the fast-forward button for the energy transition process, but also opens up a new ecology for business and the entire society. The carbon-based era represented by fossil energy is changing to the silicon-based era represented by new energy and new materials. Transformation and upgrading, the industry boom is coming.


    Under the background that the global economic landscape may be about to undergo major changes and in the environment of the new industry ecology in the silicon-based era, competition and innovation always coexist. What kind of iterative upgrade does the strategic thinking of the silicone industry chain companies need to make? How to achieve innovation empowerment and sustainable development? At the same time, what kind of adjustments are needed to the internal ecology of the enterprise to break through the bottleneck of industry development?

Is the global economy facing a major crisis? In the silicon-based era, who will lead?

latest company news about Is the global economy facing a major crisis? In the silicon-based era, who will lead?  1


Co-existence, building a new ecosystem for industry development

    Since the beginning of this year, the silicone industry is experiencing the biggest storm in history, and we are more deeply aware of the meaning of a community of destiny than ever before. Under the new crown epidemic and the increasingly complex international political and economic situation, everyone has a deep sense of uncertainty and has explored and researched ways of survival. Co-existence is the focus of discussions on related topics.

    No matter how powerful a company is today, no matter what stage of strong development it is in, or even what advantage position it is in now, unless the logic behind the business operation has been transformed from "competition" to "cooperation", it will be impossible to obtain an inexhaustible driving force for sustainable development. Companies must ensure that they build or join a "symbiotic system", find their indispensable positioning, and form a value symbiosis with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, so that they are able to cope with uncertainty and achieve coordinated development.

    What is certain is that for some companies that only care about their own interests and ignore the health and high-quality development of the industrial chain, they may snatch the market in the short term through some means that ignore the bottom line, but in the long run, this will be right. A fatal disaster for the industry, for users, and for oneself.

    Take sealant companies as an example. As the prices of raw materials continue to rise, competition and cost pressures continue to heat up. Many companies turn their heads on quality when they reach the top of their innovation. Boiling material and filling with inferior fillers. In the short term, it may appear that it only used some means to touch the bottom line to grab the market, but in the long term, this will be a fatal disaster for the industry, users, and own company. It is foreseeable that it will eventually the result will only be notorious in the entire industry chain.

Innovation and empowerment, breakthrough industry development bottlenecks

    An industry that has the courage to innovate is the land of hope; an enterprise that has the courage to change can have a bright future.

    The silicone industry has become an important basic and leading industry for the high-quality development of China’s economy due to its high technical content, high added value, and strong compatibility with various sectors of the national economy. Its development is directly related to China Innovation or healthy development of strategic emerging industries. At present, the technological development of the silicone industry is advancing by leaps and bounds, and the ability of independent innovation has been greatly improved. However, at the same time, there are still “stuck necks” in key areas, and the issue of “strong foundation” for industrial upgrading is imminent.

In the context of "striving to become the world's science center and innovation highland", innovation empowerment has never had such a profound impact on the future and destiny of the country and the people's life and well-being as it does today. From an economic power to a science and technology power, companies play an important role. For silicone companies, it is our mission and responsibility to promote development with innovation, benefit the people with innovation, and change the world with innovation.

    If the key core technology is not available, it can't be bought, it can't be negotiated." In the journey of a technological power, it is even more necessary for the entire silicone industry chain to work together to break through the bottleneck of industry development. Good creators help from heaven, have hard cores, and bravely innovate. No matter where we go, we don't panic in our hearts.

Persist in long-termism and build a great company

    All attempts and explorations are in the process of lengthening time and obtaining definite answers in an uncertain world.

    To talk about long-termism, it is a value thinking that the silicone industry should most uphold. From the development of new products in 3-5 years to the launch and to the innovation and upgrading of existing products in 2-5 years. From the positioning of the target market, to becoming the market leader. From brand building to industry leader brands, this is a relative ,a long and continuous accumulation process.

    Being able to endure loneliness and risks, while also being able to see the direction clearly are the common characteristics of companies that stick to long-termism. In the new era full of dangers and opportunities, facing such many uncertainties, one can only penetrate the noise and be friends with time.

    Great companies are always simple and monotonous, and there are no exciting events, because all possible crises have long been foreseen and have become routine work through solutions."

    Only through the cycle can we wait for the coming years to be quiet, and only when the turmoil does not fall can we reap the fruits. In fact, every choice is an important value judgment, and every judgment comes from people's underlying beliefs. With the rapid development and change of society, economy, technology, and humanities, we must be especially vigilant against opportunism.

    Long-termism is not only a methodology, but also a value. Flowing water does not compete for the first place, but the contention is endless. No matter what kind of work or career you are engaged in, as long as you focus on the long-term and focus on value, you will surely be able to withstand the test of time and find the right to meet the challenge.

    In 2021, the disturbance is coming to an end, but in terms of the global structure and the social ecology of corporate development, there are still many things we are not sure about. We are not sure, when will the end of the new crown epidemic come? We are not sure, what is the next technological innovation to lead the world? We are not even sure, is this an opportunity or a challenge?

    The answer lies in the heart of every fellow in the industry chain.

    The future is an era of explosive demand. Whoever can lead the demand will be the leader of the future. And any industry related to our better life requires ingenuity and "long-termism" persistence.

    In this journey of adhering to the long-term doctrine, BAIYUN will walk with you and empower the beauty.