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In the era of high quality, this certification is very important!

February 22, 2022

In 2021, thanks to the boost of the "dual-carbon strategy", the new energy vehicle track will be completely on current. This year is also known as the year of the rise of new energy vehicles.

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In the past year, the strong rise of new energy has rewritten the pattern of the auto industry, and the new energy track has also become the main direction sought after by all car companies. More and more car companies and technology companies have joined the ranks of new energy vehicles. Among them, various new technologies continue to emerge. Among them, sealant, as an important material for bonding and sealing solutions in the automotive field, is also favored in the field of new energy vehicles.

Taking the electronic control system as an example, with the miniaturization, integration, and intelligence of the design of the components of the motor, electronic control, and battery system, and the application environment becomes more complex, the technical requirements are becoming more and more stringent. The requirements for sealants are also getting higher and higher, and the market is looking for more professional and representative specifications to endorse various accessories. Among them, IATF16949, as a technical specification for international automotive quality, has also been adopted by the new energy vehicle industry and has become one of the important specifications.

IATF16949 Quality Management System

The IATF16949 quality management system is formulated by the IATF organization. It is based on the ISO9000 standard but is a more professional quality management system standard for the automotive industry.

The IATF16949 quality management system is based on the theory and method of total quality management, absorbs and draws on the practice and opinions of world-renowned quality experts, and evolves into a set of quality-centered, comprehensive and comprehensive management methods and management concepts. Today, the IATF16949 quality management system has become the entry threshold for high-quality automotive industry chain enterprises and is deeply trusted by the industry.

As early as 2011, BAIYUN has obtained TS16949 (predecessor of IATF16949) certification, and responded to the ISO9001:2015 quality management system, and updated the standard to IATF16949:2016 in 2016, which has been up to 11 years. In the past 11 years, BAIYUN has established a solid cooperative relationship with many large car companies with professional products and high-quality services, contributing to the fields of cars on traditional tracks, rail locomotives and new energy vehicles on emerging tracks.

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From the traditional automotive field to the emerging automotive field, the "small material, big effect" sealant is shining brightly. With the development of the new energy vehicle industry entering the fast lane, sealants will inevitably play a greater role in this new field.

As a leader in the sealant industry, BAIYUN has always focused on the sealant industry, adhering to the corporate mission of dedicating the best products to human beings, providing users with a variety of products and professional solutions for sealing systems - BAIYUN, Aid to Beautiful life!