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In an era of turbulent times, contradictions escalate!

September 3, 2021

    2021 has entered the second half of the year. The organic silicon raw materials standing on the cusp of the storm have risen for six months in a row, and the rise seems to have no limitation!

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    The tide of price increases has not yet eased, and the tide of out-of-stocks has quietly arrived.

At the present, with the rising prices of raw materials and labor, and the superimposed impact of the new crown epidemic, it will undoubtedly bring great pressure on the operation of middle and downstream enterprises.

    What do you think about the escalation of many contradictions in the cusp of turmoil? How would you choose?

The supply chain system embarks on a new track

    Throughout the industry, a good supplier management system has become the basis of competition. Industry competition has already expanded from competition between individual companies to competition across the entire supply chain. The recent price hikes have deeply disturbed the silicone market, causing every downstream rubber company to cautiously calculate how to effectively control costs. Undoubtedly, sealant companies cannot stand, and rising tides are inevitable. In the turbulent era, some users are worried. On the one hand, they must ensure the stability of the supply, and on the other hand, they are extremely worried about the price of the product. However, all the contradictory escalation points all indicate that it is precisely the market that is changing nowadays, which calls for an urgent need for high-quality, high-efficiency supply chains.

when "out of stock" and "price increase" become the key words of the market, choosing a supply chain system that is responsible, has common values, has a win-win concept, and has strong technical precipitation will be a win for the company in the harsh market environment.

    At the same time, a high-quality high-quality supply chain means that companies can rely on the chain system to have the confidence to ensure stable product output and stable product quality.

Is your supply chain partner a high-quality, high-quality qualified supplier?

value and price are fully matched

    In the face of a treacherous market, it is difficult to turn the tide on its own. The market calls for a high-quality supply chain. Enterprises and users themselves must think about how to achieve more effective resource replacement, seek "stability" in the "chaos", and strive to protect the supply chain. Stable output and stable quality of the links can be stable and far-reaching, and empower the sustainable development of the enterprise.

Perhaps we can find some answers in the pace of social change.

the country’s macro-economy has shifted from the pursuit of GDP growth to the pursuit of stability and rationality in sustainable development; Economic development has shifted from a high-energy-consuming, non-green, extensive growth mode to an intensive growth mode focusing on conservation and fine management; the economy and society have been irregular from the beginning followable chaotic and disorderly turn to laws, regulations, and regulatory systems that are constantly improving and orderly... What do these changes mean to enterprises? It means that you can no longer just want to waste energy and destroy the environment for your own interests; it means that you can no longer dream of becoming rich overnight without hesitating to betray public morals and conscience and despise the law...

    Everyone who is in the torrent of reforms should clearly recognize these changes, and the enterprises and entrepreneurs who are the cornerstones of the economy and society should be the foresighters of the reform trend.

The experience of many successful companies continues to tell us that abandoning speculation and short-sightedness, peace, stability, focus, and adherence to long-termism are the mentality that today's companies should participate in market competition.

    For a normal operating company, everyone hopes to have benefits and profits. Where do the benefits and profits come from? Of course it is cost control, but cost control is not blindly reducing the consumption of raw and auxiliary materials or even reducing the quality of raw and auxiliary materials, not blindly reducing spare parts inventory and equipment maintenance costs, let alone reducing the number of laborers, increasing labor hours, or even reducing Workers’ wages. In the long run, product quality and the sustainable development of the supply chain will inevitably not be guaranteed, and leaving the "quality" to pursue the so-called low "cost" is tantamount to self-destruction!

What is a real high-quality product? Its core essence must be: the value and the price fully match, even the value is far greater than the price.

The continuous increase in labor costs and material costs puts high demands on the selection capabilities, price negotiation capabilities, and construction supervision and operation capabilities of upstream and downstream suppliers in the industry chain. The starting point for all this requires companies to be willing to devote everything they can to quality.

Therefore, the old adage of "you pay for what you pay for" is still the most plausible saying today. The price of products with excellent product quality will naturally not be too low.

At a time of turmoil when raw material prices are rising wildly, is low-price competition a real skill or is it a disaster to the industry?

Do you care more about the value of the product or the price?

precipitate with heart, make a good product

Looking at the domestic investment boom in recent years...every boom, companies are closely following the boom, and when the market matures and the heat recedes, how many companies are still fighting steadily?

Some real estate developers maliciously breached the contract due to fluctuations in the property market, leading to the project being unfinished...

Some companies unilaterally tear up the contract at the sight of unprofitable...

Some industries are distorted by these turbid normalities and eventually go to extinction...

    In this process, how many companies are precarious? How many well-known brands have disappeared?

    The industry has entered a stage where high competition and low profits coexist. It will also face a new situation where the strong will become stronger and the weak will be eliminated. In this round of reform, problems, contradictions and opportunities have been revealed together. However, no matter what era, service and quality are the most important capital for enterprise development, and good products need to be carefully polished and carefully precipitated. Can withstand loneliness, withstand temptation, and withstand the bottom line, BAIYUN knows this.


Insist on using 100% raw materials

BAIYUN’s selection of suppliers and raw material product judgments need to go through a three-trial and three-review review and inspection process. It resolutely refuses to fill or use inferior raw materials such as white oil, high boiling materials, and cracked materials. It also requires all raw materials to be used in each application stage. Have good performance.


"Strict" production process control

Every piece of BAIYUN brand sealant needs to go through 58 procedures of strict inspection from raw material warehousing, discharging, sub-assembly, and finished product delivery. The production line is monitored for 24 hours, which is the first to realize the key to the quality control of each product from the source to the end. Point monitoring, analysis, control and prevention ensure that the sealant products that reach customers have excellent performance.


BAIYUN whole-process service

From return visits to existing curtain walls to engineering application guidance, from extreme weather project response to technical exchanges and skills training, BAIYUN’s first "full-process service" system has effectively penetrated all aspects of consumer use, providing "moisturizing materials" for all links in the industry chain. "Silent and silent" high-quality service helps customers make good use of good products and gives customers the most solid technical backing.

    In the face of rising raw material prices, BAIYUN will never resolve cost pressures by reducing product quality and service levels.