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Choice is Really Important

June 23, 2021


Nowadays, the world is undergoing major changes unseen in a century, and a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are booming. At the same time, protectionism is on the rise, the world economy is sluggish, the global market is shrinking, and the development environment is complex and changeable.

At the same time, with the global epidemic, shortages of raw materials, and crazy prices of bulk commodities... all kinds of unstable and sudden phenomena are rampant in the market...


Competition between supply chains = A new model of future competition

Excellent supply chain management and innovation capabilities have become an invisible commercial infrastructure today. In the long run, it will affect the innovation ability of an enterprise and the innovation ability of a country. This is why China has promoted its supply chain innovation capability to the national strategic level.

Throughout the industry, A good supplier management system has become the basis of competition. Industry competition has already expanded from competition between individual companies to competition across the entire supply chain.

In the era of market turmoil and chaos, build a high-quality supply chain system, respond quickly to customer needs synchronously, win by speed, win by quality, and realize the strategic shift from single-enterprise competition to "supply chain competition", so as to continuously improve the stability of the industrial chain Sex and competitiveness.


The market calls for a high-quality supply chain

The recent price hikes have deeply disturbed the silicone market, causing every downstream sealant company to cautiously calculate how to effectively control costs. Consumers may not have really noticed significant terminal price changes, because so far, most of these price increases have been digested by sealant companies in the production and distribution process, which makes the product prices relatively stable on the surface.

However, the price of raw materials has risen sharply, and sealant companies cannot and cannot "hold it hard", and rising tides are inevitable. It may not be too far before consumers really "pay the bill." With the intensified market competition, the uncontrollable situation in the future market will inevitably increase, and enterprises will also face greater risks.

How to face the threat, how to break the game and move forward?

In the face of a treacherous market, it is difficult to turn the tide on its own. The market calls for a high-quality supply chain. Enterprises and users themselves must think about how to achieve more effective resource replacement, seek "stability" in the "chaos", and strive to protect the supply chain. Stable output and stable quality of the links can be stable and far-reaching, and empower the sustainable development of the enterprise.


Choosing high-quality supply chain partners, choice is really important!

Sometimes, choice is more important than hard work! the ever-changing market environment is the best time to test whether the supply chain can develop in coordination. High-quality supply chain partners will place greater emphasis on the coordination of design, procurement, production, sales, service and other links in the same enterprise or between different enterprises. By means of process optimization and resource integration, we can achieve precise matching of market supply and demand, and further reduce costs and increase efficiency. At the same time, it will pay more attention to the integration of products and multiple services, increase the stickiness and loyalty of the supply chain, and improve the security and stability of the entire supply chain.

When "out of stock" and "price increase" become the key words of the market, choosing a supply chain system that is responsible, has common values, has a win-win concept, and has strong technical precipitation will be a win for the company in the harsh market environment.

In the face of sudden demand, high-quality industrial chain partners can continue to empower, ensure supply, and achieve "continuous supply." At the same time, a high-quality supply chain means that companies can rely on the chain system to have the confidence to ensure stable product output and stable product quality.


Choosing BAIYUN, that's it!

Work together to build a high-quality "ecological supply chain"

Thirty-six years of forging ahead, BAIYUN has always adhered to the customer-oriented, quality-based, service-oriented, and win-win business philosophy, to control every production link, and work with industry colleagues to build High-quality "ecological supply chain", to maximize efforts and upgrades in terms of energy consumption, efficiency improvement, environmental friendliness, etc., to achieve the green and sustainable development of all links in the sealant supply chain. In the face of rising raw material prices, BAIYUN will never resolve cost pressures by reducing product quality and service levels.