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Baiyun Technology assists China’s fifth Antarctic station - Qinling Station

April 29, 2024

On February 7, 2024, China’s fifth Antarctic research station, Qinling Station, opened. The Antarctic research station is located in the Ross Sea area of ​​Antarctica, filling the gap in my country's research in this area.

Those who stick to the Antarctic together with the Qinling Station,

Not only researchers from China,

There are also various construction materials and scientific research materials made in China.

Among them, Baiyun Technology is the only sealant supplier for the Qinling Station project.

Production of SS811-LM (low modulus) silicone weather-resistant sealant

Also invested in the construction of Qinling Station,

Conquer the cold and challenge the limits!

  The Qinling Station has a construction area of more than 5,000 square meters. The main body of the station is designed in the shape of the Southern Cross constellation. The design concept is derived from the Southern Cross navigator used by the Chinese navigator Zheng He when he sailed to the Western Ocean. This is my country’s fifth Antarctic scientific research station, the third Antarctic annual research station, and the first research station facing the Pacific sector.
  The Qinling Station mainly includes command and dispatch, marine laboratory, personnel accommodation, office meetings, catering activities, material and vehicle maintenance and storage, communication support, water treatment, garbage disposal, sample room, equipment room, field support center, data center, etc. , is a new generation of scientific investigation platform with intensive space and complete functions.
The construction of Qinling Station is quite challenging. The Antarctic environment is extremely harsh, and the Qinling Station is located in one of the worst climate environments in Antarctica. Super strong, super dry, and super cold offshore winds have brought great difficulties to project construction. At the same time, in order to protect the Antarctic environment as much as possible, the construction process of the Qinling Station requires the concept of "green inspection" throughout the entire process, to achieve energy saving, water saving, material saving, resource conservation and environmental protection as much as possible.

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  Taking into account the construction conditions in extremely cold environments and the requirements to protect the Antarctic environment, the construction of Qinling Station adopted a prefabricated and modular construction system, which can achieve rapid construction within a short window period. According to the builder of the scientific research station, the Qinling Station has more than 1,100 curtain wall panels. Not only are they large in number, but also because they are all modularly produced, the requirements for installation accuracy are very high.
  Extremely cold application environments have stricter requirements on the displacement and deformation tolerance of silicone sealants. Therefore, in the construction of this scientific research station, SS811-LM (low modulus) silicone weather-resistant sealant provided by Baiyun Technology was finally selected for the bonding and sealing of the aluminum panel curtain wall. This product is a low-modulus product of Baiyun Technology and has a 50-level displacement capability. Under the same deformation, the internal stress is much lower than that of high-modulus products. It has 100% tensile deformation at low temperature -50°C. The lower stress is 0.41MPa, which is much lower than 0.91MPa of a high-modulus product, which can ensure long-lasting sealing of joints at low temperatures. At the same time, this product meets the requirements of green environmental protection in terms of raw material selection and other aspects, minimizing pollution to the Antarctic environment.

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