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BAIYUN power industry solutions

March 2, 2021

BAIYUN power industry solutions

The power source is based on the principle of "magnetism generating electricity", which is generated by renewable energy sources such as water power, wind power, sea tide, dam water pressure difference, solar energy, and burning coal and oil residue. In recent years, with the steady development of China's macro economy, China's power supply industry has continued to grow as a whole, and its profitability has remained at a stable level. In 2016, the scale of China's power supply market exceeded the 200 billion mark for the first time. In 2017, the scale of China's power supply market reached 232.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.89%.

Power Industry

Before 1976-the initial stage

Before the liberation, my country's power supply industry was basically blank, with only small enterprises in storage batteries and dry batteries.A large number of state-owned enterprises were built in the 1950s. With the development of the electronics industry's raw materials, original components and complete machine industries, power products have also emerged from scratch. Although the growth rate was relatively fast at this stage, the scale was still small.

1977-1989-the period of initial growth

This stage is the initial stage of my country's reform and opening up, economic construction is gradually accelerating, and the power supply industry has gradually entered a period of rapid growth.Since the mid-1970s, power supply technicians have spontaneously organized technical exchanges. In 1978, the first national power supply technology exchange meeting was held.

1990-present-a period of great development

At this stage, in addition to the original Ministry of Electronics Industry system, other industries and systems, such as machinery, post and telecommunications, railways, electric power, military systems, etc., have power development and production. In particular, a large number of township enterprises and private enterprises have emerged. Many foreign products and The company also entered the country and occupied a considerable share, which intensified market competition.

Power-the future well-being of mankind

The power supply is the power device of various electrical equipment and the basic product of the electronics industry.The development of economic construction and all aspects of social life will promote the development of the power industry.

The application market involves electronic and electrical equipment, electronic testing equipment, control equipment, computers, home appliances and other electronic industries.

In recent years, power supply has played an important role in the development of the information industry, the transformation of traditional industries, and energy conservation as an indispensable equipment in electrical equipment.some experts predict that the future well-being of mankind will be realized through breakthroughs in energy electronics technology.

The future of power industry

The development of technology in the power supply industry has entered the fast lane, and the quality requirements for products are getting higher and higher.In the past, high-energy, low-quality power supplies will gradually be eliminated by the market, replaced by high-efficiency, energy-saving, and high-quality power supplies that conform to the theme of current social development.

With the gradual increase in the electrification of our society and the implementation of "Made in China 2025" leading the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, the demand for power equipment in the field of new energy power generation, smart grid and other supporting infrastructure construction and smart manufacturing will expand.In addition, the development of the seven strategic emerging industries as key national plans such as energy conservation and environmental protection, emerging information industry, biological industry, new energy, new energy vehicles, high-end equipment manufacturing and new materials will also drive the continued growth of my country's power supply market.In the future, the power supply will continue to develop in the direction of high frequency, high efficiency, high density, low voltage, high current and diversified technologies.


BAIYUN power industry solutions

From daily life to the most cutting-edge science, it is inseparable from the participation and support of power technology.

BAIYUN Chemical has been paying close attention to the development of the power supply industry, and is committed to providing customers with professional adhesive solutions for the system power supply industry such as bonding, sealing, heat conduction, potting, flame retardancy, and shock absorption.Over the years, BAIYUN Chemical has been deeply involved in the power supply industry with high-quality products and professional full-process services, and has established a solid cooperative relationship with SAMSUNG Electronics, MEAN WELL Technology, PANASONIC, LIANCHANG, BOE, and MEGMEET.