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BAIYUN passed the European standard ETAG 002 test by the German IFT agency at one time

April 25, 2021

BAIYUN passed the European standard ETAG 002 test by the German IFT agency at one time

    Recently, BAIYUN product SS622E silicone structural sealant passed the European standard ETAG 002 test by the German IFT agency at one time.

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    The German Rosenheim Institute of Door, Window and Curtain Wall Technology ("IFT" for short) was founded in 1966 and is authorized by the German Association of Building Technology (DI Bt) to conduct statutory inspections on windows, curtain walls, interior and exterior doors, and all related building materials and accessories. IFT is the only testing agency authorized to conduct building structural assembly specifications testing in the European Union. The testing standards are extremely strict. It is considered one of the most authoritative testing agencies in the world and represents the international advanced technology level. Comprehensive and complex testing poses a higher challenge to the adaptability of products in various environments.

    BAIYUN passed the agency's ETAG 002 test at one time, which means that BAIYUN products perfectly meet the scope of European standards, with extremely high stability and adaptability to various environments. In the future, the European standard ETAG 002 will serve as another stepping stone for BAIYUN to enter the global construction market, and the BAIYUN brand is about to usher in a new node of globalization.

In-depth interpretation

    Compared with the national standard GB/T 16776, the European standard ETAG 002 has its unique advantages-comprehensiveness

Consistency appraisal of sealant products

The European standard ETAG 002 adds thermogravimetric analysis, infrared spectrum analysis, specific gravity, hardness, volume change and shrinkage control items to ensure the stability and uniqueness of the product. Among them, thermogravimetric analysis and infrared spectroscopy analysis effectively identify the consistency of the product, and at the same time effectively determine whether the silicone sealant is mixed with inferior plasticizers (such as white oil, etc.).

Mechanical factors accelerate the aging of sealant

    In addition to the conventional tensile performance requirements, the European standard ETAG 002 adds shear, tear, mechanical fatigue, and creep testing items, and comprehensively considers the various complex external forces experienced by the structural sealant in the actual use process, which is more in line with Actual usage. The water-ultraviolet radiation test time of European standard ETAG 002 is 1008h, and higher requirements are put forward for water quality and ultraviolet light intensity. Test items such as acid fog, salt fog, and detergent immersion have been added, and the impact of environmental factors on the performance of structural sealants has been fully considered.

Judgment method of mechanical properties of sealant after aging

    The European standard ETAG 002 is based on a 25-year quality guarantee for silicone structural sealants. The performance of the sealant is measured by the attenuation rate of the mechanical properties. The mechanical properties of the sealant after aging under various conditions are compared with the mechanical properties under the initial conditions. , The required ratio is ≥75%.

    As early as 2014, BAIYUN products SS622E and SS621E successfully passed the European standard ETAG002 test by the Shanghai Institute of Building Research. Adhering to the concept of high standards and high requirements, BAIYUN keeps advancing on the road of leading standards.