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[Aid to a wonderful life] BAIYUN helps the rapid development of outdoor lighting

April 29, 2022

    With the deepening of urbanization, outdoor lighting has become an indispensable part of the city, and lamps, as the main force of urban outdoor lighting, have also ushered in new development opportunities.

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    According to relevant statistics, my country's existing outdoor lighting market has reached 500 billion, maintaining a stable and upward development trend. Among them, LED, as a high-quality lighting fixture with more energy saving, more environmental protection, longer life and smaller volume, is also widely used in various display, indication, decoration, backlight, lighting and urban lighting projects. With the continuous deepening of the national 14th Five-Year Plan to promote rural construction and new urbanization strategic actions, the new demand for outdoor garden lights, 5G smart street light poles, landscape lighting, commercial lighting and other products in towns will also gradually expand, which is highly beneficial to LEDs. industry growth.


Outdoor Lighting Waterproofing Points - Choose a high-quality sealant!

    At present, outdoor LED lighting mainly includes LED street lights, garden lights, wall washers, buried lights, landscape lights, stage lights, underwater lights, light strips, light bars, etc. Due to the influence of natural conditions such as sand, dust and chemical gases, it has extremely high requirements on the service life and waterproof function of lamps. Especially in China, where the latitude spans a great deal, outdoor LED lighting needs to face extreme climates such as thunderstorms, rain, high temperature and humidity, and cold and snowy areas. As an indispensable sealing and waterproof material for outdoor LED lighting, the quality of sealant, It can be said that it determines the service life of the lamp.

The case of water ingress of lamps caused by improper use of sealant

latest company news about [Aid to a wonderful life] BAIYUN helps the rapid development of outdoor lighting  1

     Buried lights flooded                                                           Park wall washer light enters water


    At present, silicone sealant has become the mainstream choice for sealing and bonding of outdoor lighting fixtures. High-quality silicone sealant products not only have good product waterproofness and air tightness, but also have excellent aging resistance and high and low temperature resistance, which can escort the safety of lamps for a long time and illuminate the deep night of every city.


Outdoor lighting sealant, choose BAIYUN, just right!

    Demand is ever-changing, beyond demand. As a leading enterprise of silicone sealant in China, BAIYUN has been committed to the research and development of silicone sealant for LED lighting. At present, BAIYUN has formed a series of innovative and high-quality LED lighting adhesive solutions covering shell bonding, chip packaging, driver potting, interface thermal conductivity, etc., which are suitable for various types of lamps and lanterns.

Advantages of BAIYUN Lighting Silicone Sealing and Bonding Solution:

    It has good yellowing resistance, low volatility, neutrality, no corrosion, no halogen and no sulfur, wide adhesion, good adhesion durability, and excellent overall performance.

    Compared with the traditional silicone sealant, the new Baiyun brand silicone sealant has a faster curing speed, is resistant to yellowing, and enhances the breadth and durability of bonding. It is used for the bonding of LED lighting products. Sealing reliability provides a strong guarantee.